Fair pricing and quick delivery are what make Mello Media a successful branch of Mello Imaging Technologies. Our customers use Mello Media because they need reliable products quickly.

Shaking up the Industry



The current state of the media business has one large flaw, prices are too high. Mello Media is changing the game.

We are shaking up the industry by offering quality tested materials at competitive prices. If you’re interested in obtaining media at a lower cost and a faster delivery, please look at what Mello Media has to offer.

Adhesive-Backed Vinyl
• Air Egress Matte
• Air Egress Gloss
• Layflat Gloss
• Layflat Matte
• Exterior 70/30
• Exterior 60/40
• Interior 70/30
• Backlit Film
• Fast Floor Textured
• Standard Gloss
• Standard Matte
• Thin Gloss
• Thin Matte
• Opticlear


All equipment purchased from Mello Imaging comes with free delivery and quick installation as well as personalized training. We ensure your equipment will continue to run optimally with the best inks, media, maintenance kits and cleaning supplies for each of these machines. Mello Imaging only offers the best products on the market, we’ve been around long enough to know quality when we see it.

Vanguard UV Printers

Vanguards are extremely heavy duty, high speed, UV flatbed, dye-sublimation printers. Printers have very high lifespans, at least 5-10 years of use.

Epson SureColor

Epson printers offer an extremely high range of colors, extremely high quality, high resolution. Great for vivid and precise imagery.

OKI ColorPainter EcoSolvent

OKIs are great for high speed, high volume printing, color consistency, having ink that lasts much longer, and 3M Warranty™ durability.

Summacut Series

Summa Vinyl Cutters are highly durable machines with extreme precision. Effortlessly trim your vinyl down to the exact dimensions you need.

Wide Format Printers Sales Long Island, GFP 200 Laminator

GFP 200 Series

GFP Laminators are as affordable as they are reliable. Quick to install and learn, these laminators are some of the most cost-effective pieces of equipment in the industry.