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Our mission at Mello Imaging Technologies is to teach customers how to operate their state-of-the-art imaging equipment to its fullest capability.

Customer Support

Our extensive experience within this industry allows us to assist customers who have any questions about their equipment. 

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For all material orders please email, and your order will be processed shortly after your request.


We at Mello Imaging Technologies know that these are tough times. The United States is currently fighting with COVID-19, especially the Tri-State area. In order to help struggling businesses during this pandemic, our equipment leasing partners at Geneva Capital are offering an UNPRECEDENTED deal! When you purchase equipment with Mello Imaging through Geneva Capital leasing, you only pay $99 per month for the first 6 months of your lease. Don’t hesitate to take full advantage of this offer while it lasts! Mello Imaging Technologies wishes the best for you, your families, and your business. Stay safe!

*Offer subject to credit and equipment approval and 2+ years in business. Valid on new transactions through 6/30/20 only. $99/month for your first 6 months with regular payments beginning on month 7 of your lease term.


Bruce started this company with the intention of applying his 20+ years of technical and managerial experience in the large format printer industry in a more personalized environment. Knowing all of the ins and outs of the industry, Bruce felt that he could provide a service that would be unmatched.

The company has been expanding ever since. Erik Mello joined on as the Operations Manager in June 2019. Bruce now spends his time visiting customers and consulting while Erik provides customers with excellent shipping and logistics work at the new Mello Imaging Technologies office in Holbrook, NY!

Get Financing NOW!

The Large Format Printers we offer are the best in the business. We have seen multi-million dollar businesses grow into what they are today thanks to the printers and service Mello Imaging Technologies provides. We want to make purchasing a printer from us as simple as possible so that you can get started NOW! Click on the link below to get started with this Equipment Leasing Rate Calculator and Application form provided by Geneva Capital. Quick and easy transactions guaranteed!

Parts and Servicing

All equipment purchased from Mello Imaging comes with free delivery and quick installation as well as personalized training. We ensure your equipment will continue to run optimally with the best inks, media, maintenance kits and cleaning supplies for each of these machines. Mello Imaging only offers the best products on the market, we’ve been around long enough to know quality when we see it.

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We will be happy to add to our 20 years of experience consulting you on what equipment and materials you need for the job.

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