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Why do print shops choose us?

Smart and experienced print shop owners realize the importance of having a fast and reliable dealer to service their printers. We find printing solutions. We solve problems. Bottom line is:

We provide fast and informed printer service and support!

4'x 8' Boards Printed

Click the link below to check out flatbed printing at a speed you have never seen before

Boards Cut FAST

60 coroplast mailers (11″x6″ size) precisely cut in under 4 minutes. Watch the cutter that makes it happen.

The "Mello" Experience

Unmatched Printer Service & Support

When you choose to do business with Mello Imaging Technologies, you can expect the following:

We Forge Relationships

First, we will get to know you as a business owner. This is a “people” business first, and at Mello Imaging Technologies we know this better than anyone. We want to know what your business goals are, and what types of work you are looking to produce.

Equipment Selection

Once your goals have been identified, we will properly assess the right equipment for the job. We offer the right tools for all kinds of signage, graphics, etc. What sets us apart is that we know the right tools that you need better than any impersonal corporation could ever suggest for you. We have solved every challenge you could think of.

Fast Installation

Once we have selected your equipment together, Mello Imaging Technologies will ship your equipment and install it quickly. Our installation process is lightning fast as we know the ins-and-outs for each piece of equipment that we offer!

Expert Training

Now that your equipment has been installed, We will personally train you to operate your new equipment so that it may be used to grow your business fast! No more dealing with the manufacturer or DIY Google fixes!

We Take Care of Our Customers

Now that you know how to use your equipment, you are encouraged to call us with any questions you may have. We are here for you! We make all consumables for your new equipment available to you. Mello Imaging Tech is proud to be supplying many great print operations!