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With the equipment we’re offering, you can have your 4′ x 8′ boards printed, cut, and ready to go in less than five minutes. See how on this front page.

4'x 8' Boards Printed

Click the link below to check out flatbed printing at a speed you have never seen before

Boards Cut FAST

60 mailers precisely cut in under 4 minutes. Click the button below to watch the cutter that can make it happen.

The "Mello" Experience

When you choose to do business with Mello Imaging Technologies, you can expect the following:

We Know Our Customers

First, we will get to know you as a business owner. This is a “people” business first, and we at Mello Imaging Technologies know this better than anyone. We want to know what your business goals are, and what types of prints or work you are looking to produce to help grow your business.

Equipment Selection

Once we have identified your goals, we can properly assess the right equipment for the job. We offer the right tools for every kind of signage, graphics, etc. More importantly, what sets us apart is that we know the right tools that you need better than any impersonal corporation could ever suggest for you. We are a growing business like you and have solved every challenge a customer can think of.

Fast Installation

Once we have selected your equipment together using the best minds in the business, Mello Imaging Technologies will personally ship your equipment and install it quickly. Our installation process is both fast and effective, as we have done countless installations and know all of the ins-and-outs for every piece of equipment we offer.

Expert Training

Now that your equipment has been installed, Bruce will personally spend time training you on how to use your new equipment so that you may use it to make your business grow fast! 

We Maintain Our Customers

When you know how to use your equipment and have been doing so, you are encouraged to contact us (631 – 520 – 3074) with any equipment or production-related questions you may have. We are here for you! The appropriate consumables and maintenance parts for your new equipment are available to you when necessary, courtesy of our Operation Manager, Erik Mello. We are more than happy to continue to supply your printing operation! Ask any of our customers and they will tell you just how fast and reliable our logistics service is.

Get Financing NOW!

The Large Format Printers we offer are the best in the business. We have seen multi-million dollar businesses grow into what they are today thanks to the printers and service Mello Imaging Technologies provides. We want to make purchasing a printer from us as simple as possible so that you can get started NOW! Click on the link below to get started with this Equipment Leasing Rate Calculator and Application form provided by Geneva Capital. Quick and easy transactions guaranteed!

Contact Us

We will be happy to add to our 20 years of experience consulting you on what equipment and materials you need for the job.

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