Our goal at Mello Imaging is to teach customers how to operate these state-of-the-art printers to their fullest capabilities. We provide personalized training to our customers so they can use our machines to execute their goals more efficiently.

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Our extensive experience within this industry allows us to help customers who have any questions about their equipment. Whether you need help performing maintenance on a machine, or if you want to optimize your experience by finding the right equipment for the job – we’ve got you covered. Once we get to know you as a business owner, we promise to provide you with personalized service moving forward.

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    OKI ColorPainter Series

    Tired of constant service calls? Is your business having trouble meeting its deadlines? OKI Colorpainters are great for high speed, high volume printing, color consistency, having ink that lasts much longer, and 3M Warranty™ durability.

    Large Format Printing


    The M-64s is one of our most popular printers with customers because it is so reliable and can print jobs so quickly that professionals within the industry are astounded! Getting an M-64s is a very smart investment that many business owners have already done! CMYK + Light Magenta, Light Cyan, and Grey inks!

    mello imaging


    The H3-104s is in the upper echelon when it comes to large format printing. Everything that has been said about the M-64s is also true for this printer. It is ideal for big jobs that need to be finished with maximum efficiency and speed. CMYK + Light Magenta, Light Cyan, Grey, and Light Grey inks!

    Epson SureColor S - Series

    Looking for a higher color quality and more precise graphics? Epson printers offer an extremely high range of colors, a very high quality, high resolution. Great for vivid and precise imagery.

    Wide Format Printing Epson


    Epson offers a printer that is an extremely cost effective purchase, and not only offers great quality but extreme precision. Best option for startups and new shops with limited budgets. CMYK inks with a Vinyl production speed of 170 sq ft/hr.


    The Epson S60600 is a great product for those looking to optimize budget and speed. For those shops that are need a faster production of images, they consider the S60 time and time again. Double CMYK ink configuration allows for a vinyl production mode speed of 310 sq ft/hr.


    For those who refuse to settle on quality and color output, the S80600 is the only printer worth considering. With a TEN ink layout, these printers produce images that astound customers every time we demonstrate. CMYK + Light Magenta, Light Cyan, Light Black (Grey), Orange, Red, and White/Metallic Silver inks! Vinyl production mode speed of 195 sq ft/hr.