Mello Imaging Technologies was founded by Bruce Mello in June of 2018. A year later, Mello Imaging expanded by opening an office and warehouse space in Holbrook, New York and took in his son, Erik on as his first employee.

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Bruce Mello has over 20 years in the large format printing industry and has developed a network of customers who deeply value his breadth of knowledge in this industry. Numerous small companies that first started with humble beginnings in their garages have since grown into massive hubs of productivity with multiple employees due to Mello’s support.

A one-stop- shop for all of your Large Format Printing needs.

Bruce started this company with the intention of applying his 20 years of technical and managerial experience in the large format printer industry in a more personalized environment. Knowing all the ins and outs of the industry, Bruce felt he could provide a service that would be unmatched – and does.

Starting from the ground up, the company has expanded. Since hiring his son, Erik as Operation Manager, Bruce can spend more time visiting customers and consulting on issues while Erik handles incoming orders at the new Mello Imaging Technologies office in Holbrook.

All of your large format printer needs.


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All equipment purchased from Mello Imaging comes with free delivery and quick installation as well as personalized training. We ensure your equipment will continue to run optimally with the best inks, media, maintenance kits and cleaning supplies for each of these machines. Mello Imaging only offers the best products on the market, we’ve been around long enough to know quality when we see it.