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Vanguard LED UV Printers

Looking to seriously increase production? These printers are for you. Vanguard LED UV printers are top-rated for their unbelievable speed, versatility and reliability. You can have unbeatable performance with peace of mind.

Mello Imaging Tech provides full-scale OEM printer service and support for Vanguard Printers. We are proud to be partnered with a great OEM in Vanguard Digital Printing Systems.

Best Used For:

Signage printed directly to coroplast and other rigid substrates. Can be used on semi-rigid substrates as well. Emphasis on speed.

UV Fixed-Table Flatbed & Roll to Roll Solutions

VR5DE - Entry Level 4'x8'

The VR5D-E LED UV Flatbed is the best value for a 4’ x 8’ flatbed on the market today. It comfortably maintains a Sub-$100k price while still offering many of the benefits of purchasing a Vanguard. The VR5D-E utilizes Ricoh Gen 5 print head technology. 4′ x 8′ boards printed in 3 minutes.

VK300DHS - High Speed 5'x10'

The 5′ x 10’ VK300D-HS UV Flatbed is a must-have for those looking to print quickly. The VK300D-HS features a high-speed magnetic drive system and high-resolution Kyocera print head technology. 4′ x 8′ boards printed in 1 minute. 

VKR3200HS - High Speed Roll-to-Roll 126"

The VKR3200-HS 126” roll-to-roll LED UV printer is capable of producing class-leading speeds utilizing Kyocera print heads. Its advanced features make it the fastest printer in its class. Up to 2,900 sq ft per hour.

VKM600THS - High Speed 4'x8'

The 4‘ x 8’ VKM600T-HS UV Flatbed is a performance machine. This printer shares the high-speed magnetic drive system of the VK300D-HS. It uses high-end Konica print heads – speed, quality, and space are the priority here. 4′ x 8′ boards printed in 1 minute.

Ease-of-use features that just make sense

Speed is incredibly important to increasing productivity, but speed is only half of the equationIt also takes a printer that streamlines the production process itself.  A printer that leads the market in innovative features. As it just so happens, every printer from Vanguard Digital Printing Systems includes these features.

Instant pin registration

Auto height-detection & adjustment

Reversible vacuum

Instant LED UV curing. Adjustable intensity for differing substrates

OKI Colorpainter M-64s Eco-Solvent

Mello imaging

The OKI Colorpainter M-64s is our best selling roll-to-roll printer because of its trifecta of durability, reliability, and print speed! (up to 716 sqft/hour) Thanks to a rugged design, we have clients that have been using an M64s for 9 years with no print head replacements. This is the monster you’ve been looking for. Backed by complete Mello Service.

Best Used For:

Vehicle wraps, vinyl-printed signage, banner. Emphasis on speed.

Epson Eco-Solvent Printers

Looking for higher color quality and better reliability? Epson SureColor Eco-Solvent printers focus on exactly these points. Made by one of the most well-respected OEMs in the industry, you can’t go wrong purchasing an Epson from Mello Imaging Tech.

Best Used For:

Vehicle wraps, vinyl-printed signage, banner. Emphasis on low-cost, reliability and low-maintenance.

Wide Format Printing Epson

S40600 - Best Value

We are offering a printer from Epson that is an extremely cost-effective purchase. We recommend the S40 for those looking to get into digital large format printing the right way. The best option for startups focused on value. 4 color channels.

S60600 - More Speed, Great Price

The Epson S60600 is a great product for those looking to optimize budget and speed. For those shops that need a faster production of images, they consider the S60 time and time again. 4 colors. 2 rows. Output speed of up to 550 sqft/hr.

S80600 - Serious Focus on Color

For those who refuse to settle on color output, the S80600 is the only printer worth considering. With 10 color channels, these printers produce the widest color gamut available in wide-format printing! CMYK + LM, LC, Grey, Orange, Red, and White!  Output speed of up to 195 sqft/hr.

Epson Resin Printers

If you are looking for an eco-friendly bulk printer, say hello to the new Epson SureColor R5070 Resin. With the ability to print on vinyl, banner, fabrics, textiles, paper and more, you are able to tackle an incredibly wide range of jobs with this machine. Built and improving upon the tried-and-true chassis of the S-Series, these printers are built to last.

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Epson Resin Printer

R5070PE - Versatility, Value

Utilizing 6 Colors (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm), this aqueous-based ink solution provides maximum versatility and reliability. Unlike other aqueous ink printers, the R5070PE is engineered to last and be simple for the user to maintain. With a solid chassis and Epson Precision Core printhead technology, you will have printheads that will last years while delivering better results in terms of speed, color consistency, and printer uptime.

Epson Resin Printer

R5070L - Productivity, Volume

Sharing all of the features of the R5070PE, the R5070L model adds a hot-swappable bulk ink system, with two 1.5L bags for continuous printing. No need to cease production; just swap out your empty 1.5L bag for a new one, and the printer will automatically be drawing ink from the other 1.5L bag of the same color. The first reason to spring for this model is bulk ink pricing.

GFP Laminators

Let’s be honest. We both know that your creaky laminator from the early 2000’s should have been replaced a long time ago. Let’s affordably get you a new one. With quick a installation and training process, we’ll have your old laminator replaced with one that you can rely on. A GFP Laminator.

GFP 200

200C - Entry Level, Cold

The GFP 200 Series is the best entry level laminator for smaller budget operations. If you are a new print business owner looking to get into lamination and don’t know where to start, this is where the conversation starts.


300TH - Entry Level, Top Heat

The GFP 300 Series is the best route for getting into lamination for smaller budgets. Top Heat roll-to-roll lamination is now fully available at the entry level, meaning that you can still get top-notch finishing for low prices. Designed for overlamination, mounting, and pre-board coating.

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GFP Laminator

500THRS - Top Heat, Rotary Slitter

If you want to take your lamination to the next level beyond beginners, you need the GFP 563TH 4RS. Speed and ease of use are the selling points for the GFP 563. Faster production times with swing out shafts and a class-exclusive rotary slitter will ensure the best lamination experience at this price point. Get yours today!

GFP Laminator

800DH - Dual Heat

For the ultimate flexibility in a laminator, you’ll need the GFP 865 Dual Heat. This top-of-the-line laminator can handle any job you throw at it with ease. Two front rewind shafts allow for thermal encapsulation on roll prints. Ideal for all applications in the wide format printing business.

Summa Vinyl Cutters

Summa Vinyl Cutters are long-lasting, durable machines with extreme precision. Have your vinyl cut in no time, backed by Mello Service. We offer a range of products with differing levels of precision and speed to optimize your needs and your budget.

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