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Vanguard UV Printers

Do you have big sign jobs coming up? Need a printer that will handle the job? Stop searching. Vanguard UV printers are gaining a phenomenal reputation in the industry. Nothing beats the reliability of printers designed and assembled here in the United States. Advanced drive systems paired with large print heads allow for the best speed in the business!

VR5D - Flatbed 4'x8'

MSRP : $89,995

Mello Price: Starts at $69,995

The VR5D-E printer is the best 4’ x 8’ flatbed on the market today. It combines reliable Gen 5 print head technology and Vanguard’s smooth drive delivering unbeatable performance at this price point.

VK300DHS - Flatbed 5'x10'

MSRP : $169,995

Mello Price: Starts at $149,995

The 5′ x 10’ VK300D-HS LED UV flatbed is selling like hotcakes!  This printer revolutionizes the industry with a frictionless high-speed magnetic drive system and high-resolution Kyocera print head technology. Need more proof? Watch below!

VKR3200HS - 126"

MSRP : $154,995

Mello Price: Starts at $134,995

The VKR3200-HS 126” roll-to-roll LED UV printer is capable of producing industry-leading speeds utilizing Kyocera print heads. The advanced features it contains make it the fastest and most accurate printer in its class.

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Mimaki Roll Printers

Mimaki’s Roll to Roll printers are built for high speed/high volume printing, color consistency, and durable ink. These are your workhorse, bang for your buck printers. They practically print money themselves! (Don’t really print money, it’s illegal). Many of our customers have had a Colorpainter for over 7 years with nearly 0 service calls. Check out the Mimaki lineup below.

Mello imaging

Colorpainter M-64s

Mello Price: $27,995

The Colorpainter M-64s is a best seller for us because of its trifecta of affordability, reliability, and print speed! (Up to 716 sq ft. hour) 6 or 7 color configurations available. This is solvent printing done right.

mello imaging

Colorpainter H3-104s

Mello Price: $74,995

The H3-104s is the perfect high speed roll-to-roll ultrawide printer. This beast of a printer is ideal for quickly and precisely performing large prints and can even do banner!  7 or 8 color configurations available.

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Mimaki UJV100


Mello Price: $16,995

The UJV100-160 is a great option for entry-level operations looking to get started with a quality brand. This offering has many of the same features of some higher-end printers for a fraction of the price!

Mimaki Wide Format


Mello Price: $22,995

The UCJV300-160 is a benchmark in the LED UV print-and-cut world. With a high media versatility and impressive print speeds of up to 277 square feet/hour, you have instantly printed, cured, and cut prints with this model.

Epson Surecolor Printers

Looking for higher color quality and more precise graphics? Epson printers offer an extremely high range of colors, a very high build quality, and high resolution. Made by one of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry, these printers are highly sought after.

Wide Format Printing Epson


Mello Price: $14,995

We are offering a printer from Epson that is an extremely cost-effective purchase, and is one of the least expensive ways to get into digital large format printing. The best option for startups with limited budgets. 4 color setup, production speed of 170 sq ft/hr.


Mello Price: $22,995

The Epson S60600 is a great product for those looking to optimize budget and speed. For those shops that need a faster production of images, they consider the S60 time and time again. 4 colors, x2 rows (CMYK ink configuration), production speed of 310 sq ft/hr.

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Mello Price: $24,995

For those who refuse to settle on quality and color output, the S80600 is the only printer worth considering. With a TEN ink layout, these printers produce images that astound customers every time we demonstrate. CMYK + Light Magenta, Light Cyan, Grey, Orange, Red, and White/Metallic Silver inks! Production speed of 195 sq ft/hr.

GFP Laminators

Let’s be honest. We both know that your creaky laminator from the 90’s should have been replaced years ago. Let’s affordably get you a new one that can sit in your shop for another 20+ years. Hey, at least this one will look nice and new. With quick installation and training, we’ll have your old laminator replaced with one that is up to the most modern standards. A GFP Laminator.

GFP 200

263C - Entry Level Cold

MSRP : $5,195

Mello Price: $4,595

The GFP 200 Series is the best entry level laminator for smaller budget operations. If you are a new print business owner looking to get into lamination and don’t know where to start, this is where the conversation starts.


363 - Entry Level, Top Heat

MSRP : $7,295

Mello Price: $6,495

The GFP 300 Series is the best route for getting into lamination for smaller budgets. Top Heat roll-to-roll lamination is now fully available at the entry level, meaning that you can still get top-notch finishing for low prices. Designed for overlamination, mounting, and pre-board coating.

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GFP Laminator

563TH - Rotary Slitter

MSRP : $9,995

Mello Price: $8,995

If you want to take your lamination to the next level beyond beginners, you need the GFP 563TH 4RS. Speed and ease of use are the selling points for the GFP 563. Faster production times with swing out shafts and a class-exclusive rotary slitter will ensure the best lamination experience at this price point. Get yours today!

GFP Laminator

865DH - Fully Featured

MSRP : $17,495

Mello Price: $15,495

For the ultimate flexibility in a laminator, you’ll need the GFP 865 Dual Heat. This top-of-the-line laminator can handle any job you throw at it with ease. Two front rewind shafts allow for thermal encapsulation on roll prints. Perfect for all types of applications in the wide format printing business.

Summa Vinyl Cutters

Starting from $5,695

Summa Vinyl Cutters are highly durable machines with extreme precision. Effortlessly trim your vinyl down to the exact dimensions you need.

Colex Flatbed Cutters

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With top of the line cut speed, technology, and precision, Colex cutters such as the Sharpcut Flatbed can be the answer to all of your print shop’s cutting needs.

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